Alternate Site Collection of Singapore Passport

Singaporeans who are successful in their application for a passport will have the option of collecting their passports from selected Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) outlets from October 15, 2010 onwards. Eligible passport applicants will be informed through the passport collection notification card or by email if they apply for a passport through APPLES, the online passport application system. Those who wish to enjoy the service offered by SingPost can select the preferred venue for collection via the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) e-Appointment system which is available through the ICA website at

The ICA has collaborated with SingPost to bring greater convenience to Singaporeans without compromising on security. In addition to the option of applying for passports at SingPost since 2008, Singaporeans may now also collect passports from selected SingPost outlets. SingPost was chosen to offer this service to Singaporeans after a rigorous tender process. ICA is also satisfied SingPost has put together a robust and stringent process to ensure the secure delivery, custody and collection of the Singapore passport at its outlets.

Singaporeans who are eligible for this service will be able to enjoy the convenience of collecting their passports from SingPost’s wide network of outlets strategically located across the island. There will be a service fee payable to SingPost for the successful collection of each ICA document at designated SingPost outlets. There are 20 designated SingPost outlets selected to offer this service to ICA customers. As an added advantage, some SingPost outlets have extended operating hours up till 8pm and are open on weekends and public holidays.

This new service complements ICA’s existing efforts to help Singaporeans plan and better manage their time and offers Singaporeans flexibility, ease and convenience. Singaporeans who choose to collect their passport at a SingPost outlet should refer to SingPost’s promotional materials for the fees levied as it would be a commercial arrangement between SingPost and the individual concerned. Singaporeans who do not wish to collect at the alternate site can continue to collect their passports at the ICA Building. Those who prefer to collect at the ICA Building are encouraged to use the ICA’s e-Appointment system for better time management.