Changes to the COA (certificate of approval) scheme – update on fee repayment for UK

From 31 July 2009, migrants who applied for a Certificate of Approval between 2005 and 2009 have been able to apply for their fee to be repaid. They were required to show that paying the fee caused them real financial hardship at the time of payment. The advertised repayment scheme came to an end on 31 July 2010.

Since 31 July, the UK Border Agency has accepted some adhoc applications for a repayment of the COA fee. The Agency accepted such applications in the interests of ensuring that all those who may have suffered real financial hardship as a result of the COA fee had an adequate opportunity to apply for a repayment. From 1 December, however, the UK Border Agency will no longer accept such applications.

Those wishing to make an ad hoc application for repayment of the COA fee before the repayment scheme finally ends should use the Repayment of Certificate of Approval fee request form COAFR by visiting following link:

Application forms should be sent by 30 November to the address below:-
UK Border Agency,
COA Ad Hoc Repayment Scheme,
Lunar House (9th floor),
40 Wellesley Road,
All requests for repayment received by 30 November will be processed under the terms of the scheme. Applications made after 30 November will not be accepted and will be returned without processing. There will be no further extensions to this scheme.