E2 Visa – Is now the right time to start a business in America?

I can not remember a time in my practice when I got so many inquiries and emails about investing and relocating to the United States. You would think that in these tough economic times, people will stir away from this country. The opposite is true. In these challenging times, many foreign investors are looking at the US as a potential gold mine. Trying to position themselves for the moment the economy takes a different course.

According to Jack Welch, in these recessionary times, a new business doesn’t stand much of a chance unless it provides a demonstrably superior value proposition than the market’s current offerings. Sure, not that long ago, you could still take a competitor’s service or product, tweak it or slap on a new feature or two, and persuade customers to buy it at a premium. But with everyone in hunker-down mode, the days of marginal up-selling are gone, and could be for some time to come.

That said, if you’re an entrepreneur or a foreign investor who has actually come up with a product or service that will significantly improve people’s lives—for significantly less than the going rate—here’s why right now might be the right time to forge ahead.

One reason, if there is one thing a startup needs to get out of the gate fast and compete effectively against established players, it’s smart, driven-to-win people. And those people happen to be more available right now than at any time in our memory.

Right now might be the right time to start a business because doing so will position you especially well to enjoy the upside of the eventual recovery. Just think about it. If you start your business now, it will be staffed with smart, energized employees who have learned how to work together to keep costs as low as possible and innovation sky-high. Your company overall will carry no legacy costs. Nor will it bear the monetary and emotional scars of layoffs. You will, in other words, be poised to catch the earliest wave of the turnaround and ride it to the next level. How exciting.

How can a foreign investor take advantage of such exciting times. Easy. Apply for the E2 investor visa or EB5 Immigrant investor visa.

There has never been a better time to start a business or invest in the US, foreign business owners or investors, we are waiting for you. Welcome!!