EB5 Visa Attorney San Diego -USCIS on EB-5 Indirect Job Creation Outside an RC’s Geographic Boundaries

The EB5 immigrant investor visa has quickly become one of the most positive and popular visa programs and path to a Green Card Visa the United States has ever conceived. Since its creation as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, the visa has risen from obscurity to become a darling of pro-immigration discourse.

This is an update about Indirect Job Creation. These are the jobs held by persons who work outside the newly established commercial enterprise. For example, indirect jobs include employees of the producers of materials, equipment, and services that are used by the commercial enterprise.

According to the update presented below, USCIS interprets the law to require that a regional center focus its EB-5 capital investment activities on a single, contiguous area within the geographic jurisdiction requested by the regional center. USCIS agree that the law does not further mandate that all indirect job creation attributable to a regional center take place within that jurisdiction. USCIS will ensure that its policy reflects this understanding of the law.