Election Day hipe – GOP-ers tough on immigration?

It is election day in San Diego and all 1,466 polling locations in San Diego County opened on time today, and no major voting problems have been reported, the Registrar of Voters said. How will this election results affect Immigration will remain to be seen.

The Republican class set to sweep into the House after Tuesday’s midterm elections could include several freshmen who have some experience cracking down on illegal immigration. Take Sen. Jeff Perry, who’s running against Democrat William Keating for an open seat in a Massachusetts district that includes Cape Cod. For the past four years, Perry has introduced a bill that would ban illegal immigrants from accessing social services such as public housing.

If he wins, Perry plans to introduce federal legislation that would stop social services funding, just like the law he tried to get through in Massachusetts, and supports ideas such as a mandatory national verification program that isn’t popular with business groups and Republican House leaders.

Should Republicans gain control of the House Tuesday, Smith and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) would likely be leading investigations of the Obama administration’s enforcement of existing laws as the likely new chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee and its Immigration Subcommittee. Smith has campaigned for Perry in his district, praising him for his work on immigration and saying wants to see Perry on the Judiciary Committee.