Employment Authorization Documents processing to be improved

On July 11, 2011, the Ombudsman’s Office recommends that USCIS take the following actions to improve the processing of employment authorization documents (EAD):
1. Establish methods at local offices to facilitate immediate resolution;
2. Establish a uniform processing time goal of 45 days for adjudication and 60 days for issuance of an EAD;
3. Improve monitoring and ensure real-time visibility through an automated system for tracking processing times;
4. Follow established internal procedures for issuing interim EADs in cases where background checks are pending; and
5. Issue replacement EADs with validity dates beginning on the date the old EAD expires.

In the recommendation, the Ombudsman identifies several ways to implement these recommendations that build upon existing USCIS processes. We welcome the proposals and will keep you posted with any news.