Enforcing immigration law – Do we really want it?

The problem of illegal immigration is one of an endless debate. Ruben Navarrette JR. wrote an interesting story about American dependency on illegal labor.

Americans are still addicted to illegal immigrant labor — particularly around the house. And still, we hear that the only reason we have illegal immigrants in the United States is because the federal government isn’t enforcing the law.

From October 2009 through September 2010, ICE deported 392,000 illegal immigrants — a record number. More than half had been convicted of criminal offenses. ICE has also gone after employers who hire illegal immigrants and imposed more than $50 million in fines during the last two years.

You would think that the close-the-border crowd would be pleased as punch. They’re not. From what you hear on cable TV and right-wing talk radio, they give Morton a failing grade.

Why? Because there are still illegal immigrants in the United States and more on the way. That’s true. And the sun still comes up in the morning. There are some things you just can’t stop.

Before we can effectively determine a solution, it must be accepted that there is a problem. The problem is on the side of our government not able to take charge of a comprehensive reform of the system. The problem is also with all us and our perception of illegal immigrants.