F1 Student Visas – Tri-Valley University Response to SEVP Notice of Intent to WithdrawTri-Valley University Fraud Case and Response to SEVP Notice of Intent to Withdraw

We all know by now about the Pleasanton university that catered to mostly online students is being called a sham by federal prosecutors who say the university was a front to illegally provide immigration status to foreign nationals.

The complaint, filed by the U.S. District Attorney’s Office, claims Ms. Su the founder, was part of an elaborate scheme to defraud, using false statements and misrepresentations to the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the complaint, Su and Tri-Valley University have made millions of dollars in tuition fees for issuing the visa-related documents, enabling foreign nationals to obtain illegal student immigration status.

We have seen several students here in San Diego that were issued notices to appear by ICE and are trying to help them resolve this issue by negotiating with ICE as well as trying to see who can be reinstated.

We now have the response from Tri Valley University to share. Tri-Valley University (TVU) letter written by its President regarding ICE’s decision to withdraw the school’s SEVIS approval. The letter, which has been redacted, includes responses to the unresolved issues listed in the SEVP Notice of Intent to Withdraw letter.