H1 and L1A Visas – Dealing with VIBE Requests for Evidence, Frustrating!!

We all share the frustration of dealing with VIBE (Validation Instrument for Business Enterprise) requests for evidence. At this point many employers are wondering if this system is really that beneficial to accomplish the Government’s goal to verify employers. Some argue it is time to get rid of this program once and for all.

Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) utilizes information contained in the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) database to verify evidence submitted with I-129 petitions. VIBE is being used for verifying all I-129 petitions, except Os and Ps. Evidence submitted with the petition is given deference, and VIBE information is not reviewed independently of evidence submitted. However, any contradictory information will lead to the issuance of an RFE. VSC has indicated that its database is updated when contradictory information gets resolved.

VIBE RFEs indicate that petitioners may wish to update their information in the D&B database. Given that D&B is a commercial database, there is a very real concern that information offered by petitioners to D&B may be sold or otherwise misused by D&B for commercial gain. Also why give only one commercial system the power to verify all employers filing for visas?
Immigration Service Centers also cannot guarantee the privacy of that information. Accordingly, petitioners must exercise caution and judgment as to whether to update their information in the D&B database given that it is not mandatory. Additionally, the D&B database offers an expedited process for updating the database by paying an extra fee; however, it is important to note that it does not lead to the USCIS databases being updated any quicker.

USCIS headquarters is also monitoring the usefulness of the VIBE program and may abandon it if it is found to be counterproductive. Petitioners can provide their feedback on the VIBE program to VIBE-feedback@dhs.gov. Let them know how you feel about this program.