H-1B CAP update

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released an updated H-1B cap count of 45,100 as of August 28, 2009. This reflects an increase of 100 cases from the prior count, provided on August 14, 2009. The advanced-degree cap remains at 20,000. The USCIS continues to accept FY2010 H1B cases under the advanced-degree and regular caps.

We suggest to US employers to file H-1B Petitions only if they can able to provide the Client details like Letter from the end-client, Work-orders confirming the placement. If you are having an in-house requirement, provide USCIS with ample proof of your in-house requirements. Considering the flood of H-1B RFEs, we have to be bit cautious in filing works. The standard approach prevailing until last year needs a re-look. Be assured, if you are right on papers and abide the Immigration requirement, you will for sure come with flying colors. We will be happy to help and support you in H-1B and other filings. It is widely believed that the H-1B Cap will be available even after Sept. 30, 2009.