H1B Visa Attorney – Employer Who Failed to Report Termination of H-1B Employee Liable for Back Wages

The The Administrative Review Board found that the employer in that case failed to report termination of the H-1B employee as required and is liable for back wages. It noted that periods of unproductiveness were not due to unwillingness or unavailability of the employee to work, thus are compensable. Administrator, Wage & Hour Div. v. Help Foundation of Omaha, Inc. et al.

Key points in this case are: (1) the ARB found that it was appropriate to award wages beyond the termination of actual employment until the time when employer filed a notification and request with the USCIS to revoke the H1B petition; and (2) the back-wage award was granted against the H1B company, as well as against the company owner, individually.

This problem is avoidable simply by paying workers, as required in the Labor Condition Application (LCA); or, if there is not sufficient work, filing an H1B amendment or terminating the H1B, as needed, in compliance with the DOL regulations.