H1B Visa Attorney – Petitioner List of 2009 H1B sponsors

We are posting the recent list of petitioners who received an approval in FY09 of Form I-129, requesting initial H-1B status for the beneficiary employee. Approximately 3,000 initial H-1B petitions are not accounted for on this list due to missing petitioner tax ID numbers.

While the full official final list of biggest H1B visa employers for FY2010 for the season has not been released, this preliminary list has been released for the Top employers this past US immigration year.

An H1B visa is a temporary working visa for professional positions, which allows foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. for up to six years. This visa is an important tool for any employer to get the highly qualified technical expertise it needs to operate and grow its business.

If you compare the top 25 employers of US visas in 2009 to the past Top 100 H1B visa employers of FY2009, that many companies like InfoSys, Tata and Satyam have dropped substantially both in the number of US visas for foreigners applied for and their overall rank. In the cases of Tata and Satyam, they are not even on this top list anymore.

This further shows again both the fallacy of the arguments perpetuated by bigots in the US Congress and the US media about foreign companies (mainly Indian) taking the jobs of US citizens.

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