H1B Visa Cap Update – November 25, 2009 Visas may run out in a week!!!!

Crazy times with the H1B visa these days. As we are nearing the end of 2009, with H1B visa numbers open from April, it seems that the end is near. Recent cap update indicates that 1300 visas were approved last week. So far 56,900 visas were filed, leaving us with 8,100 to fight for. But remember that 6,800 out of the 8100 is reserved for Chile-Singapore nationals coming to the United States to work temporarily. So we are essentially left with 1,300 visas. If this continues by December 8th or so we will reach the cap.

What to do? If you have a job offer, print this post and show it to your employer. Maybe that will get them moving. Remember LCA processing will take more than a week, and with recent Memo from USCIS once can file even without an approved LCA.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and looking forward to an exciting December!!!
Click for the recent cap update