H2A Visas – US Department of Labor launches online registry of H-2A jobs

The U.S. Department of Labor launched an online registry allowing the public to retrieve information about temporary agricultural jobs that fall under the H-2A program. The new tool was developed in compliance with regulations implemented by the department on March 15.

The H-2A job registry provides a single, easily searched point of entry for the public to retrieve information about agricultural jobs filed under the H-2A program. It offers a range of customizable searches and gives users the ability to view, print or download information about agricultural jobs easily and without the need to file a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The tool will display all active agricultural jobs until 50 percent of the period of employment has elapsed, and it will offer an archive of certified agricultural jobs for up to five years.

The Labor Department estimates that more than 700 H-2A applications — for more than 13,000 workers — have been received since March 15. As this system goes live today, nearly 450 active H-2A job orders become available to the public.

To access the H-2A job registry, click here .