I-140 Premium processing update

1. There is a very high rejection rate of I-907 premium processing requests. (SCOPS chief Barbara Velarde mentioned in Vancouver at the National Immigration conference that the rejection rate was approximately 60%.) Prior to the suspension of premium processing for I-140’s last Fall, only certain I-140 case types were eligible. For example, National Interest Waivers and Multinational Managers were not eligible for premium processing. Those case types are still not eligible for premium processing, even in an “H-out” situation.

2. The current program is only available if the beneficiary is in the U.S. in H-1B status. Those beneficiaries who have already run out of H-1B time, and who changed status or left the U.S., are not able to benefit at this time.

3. The current program is only available if the beneficiary is within 60 days of the end of the 6th year of H-1B time. The purpose of this premium processing option was to benefit those individuals who could not qualify for a one-year extension and who needed an approved I-140 to remain in the US. It was originally assumed that the term “6th year” could be read to mean “last year” in H-1B time. However, USCIS has said that they will be taking the term “6th year” literally. Therefore, if the beneficiary is in the 7th or 8th year of H-1B time, your premium processing request may not be accepted. This is still under discussion with USCIS and we hope to have a resolution shortly. For now, please make sure to advise clients that an I-907 filed for someone in the 7th year or beyond may be rejected.