I-601 Waiver Lawyer – Updates from Ciudad Juarez

As lawyers specializing in the 601 Hardship Waivers, we report many more approval from our clients. From Manila to Ciudad Juarez our law firm is fighting the Government and winning!!!
Here is a quick update from the field. Warren Janssen, Officer-in-Charge at the USCIS Ciudad Juarez office, has advised that the immigrant visa waiver appointment system has resumed operation effective September 4, 2008, and that the first available appointments are on November 12, 2008.

On, September 3, 2008, Warren Janssen, CIS overseas officer in charge at Cd Juarez, advised that currently there are no immigrant visa waiver appointments available due to a system address change for the new consulate. The private contractor has to go through several hoops and training before more can be available in the system. Applicants should avoid calling and spending money trying to book an appointment until further notice. As you can from the post above now the system is back up.

If you are preparing for a waiver case, please wait for 3 days after your denial to make the waiver appointment. Be sure to have all the documents in hand before calling.