Immigration is essential to the economy!!!!

New York Mayor Bloomberg said on Friday that the economy is suffering because of Washington’s failure to change restrictive policies, he said, and talented entrepreneurs were taking their ideas to other countries that are only too happy to host them. He was right on the ball with his statements.

“If we keep the best and the brightest out of this country, all the next big things will happen outside this country,” the mayor said during a speech at the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Bloomberg has been making the economic argument for immigration reform for months, and his pitch clearly resonated Friday at the annual meeting of the Partnership for New York City, a leading business group. He has created a national task force of mayors and chief executives — many of whom were in the room — to call for a path to legalization for the millions of illegal immigrants who are already in the United States, and for a loosening of green card and visa restrictions to allow for more educated and highly skilled immigrants to move here.

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