Immigration reform – Exciting week ahead!

Many of our readers have been calling the office asking about the status of the Immigration reform. After all, it is all over the news. As much as I like listening to the news, when thet cover immigration law changes, they often get it wrong. They mix the terms, the Green Card process from Citizenship and they (more like Lou Dobbs and Cong. Brian Bilbray) call this debate an amnesty. I call this the right thing to do, NOW.

back in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has scheduled a procedural vote on a motion to proceed with the Senate immigration reform bill (S. 1639) for Tuesday, June 26, 2007. If the motion passes with 60 or more votes, senators will begin debate on a negotiated list of 24 amendments, split evenly between the two parties.

Debate and votes on the amendments will continue until the morning of Thursday, June 28, at which point the bill will be put to a second procedural vote to limit debate. If it passes with 60 or more votes, the Senate will have 30 hours of additional time to debate and vote on the outstanding amendments. If the bill survives this procedural gauntlet, a vote on final passage could occur late on Friday or possibly Saturday.

This schedule is tentative, and the negotiated list of amendments remains in flux. Please stay tuned to InfoNet for more information on amendments, timing, and action alerts throughout this week