Immigration Reform – McCain supports guest worker visas

McCain is pressing the all the correct keys today in Silicon Valley. John McCain joined Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, including guest worker permits to bring employees to California’s Silicon Valley and the state’s vast agricultural fields.

Asked by Silicon Valley panelists on what he would do to grant more visa for skilled technology workers, McCain broadly advocated the comprehensive immigration reform plan he had backed with Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy in Congress.

Responding to a question about so-called H1-B visas for Silicon Valley workers, McCain said: “We have to attract the best and brightest minds. It isn’t just H1-B visas. In our agricultural sector, they can’t find workers as well. We need a temporary agriculture (worker) program.”

It seems that no matter who is elected, Immigration reform will be a crucial step in order to bring back millions of illegal immigrants out of the shadows.

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