Immigration Reform is being delayed

Immigration Reform is getting delayed. The legislation, which was expected to be passed within 100 days of the swearing in of President Barack Obama. Immigration reform activists disappointed that the Obama administration has not given immigration top billing, are trying to push the same off the back burner by pressing ahead with lobbying and legislation plans they hope will reinvigorate reform efforts.

The demand for Immigration reform came in the year 2006, when more than a million people nationwide marched in solidarity to fight a bill considered anti-immigrant, since then, two legislation attempts failed. The election of President Barack Obama gave a sigh of relief to Immigration activists, who hoped Mr. Obama would push for immigration reform. Some thought the president would go so far as to put a moratorium on immigration raids. Recently Mr. Obama met with the 30 lawmakers over this issue but the final outcome of the same is yet to come.

Immigration activists are trying to lobby the same through their representative in US Congress. One group in Chicago, suggested ideas to lawmakers to reform immigration including ways to “decriminalize the status of being undocumented.” For example, instead of deporting illegal immigrants who have no criminal background, the proposal suggests alternative punishments like community service.

We hope that all of our honest effort leading to Immigration Reform movement will fruit soon.