January 2009 Visa Bulletin : Good News, some movement forward!

The January 2009 Visa Bulletin has few changes over the December 2008 Visa Bulletin in the employment-based (EB) categories. There is slight forward movement in EB2 India and China. The EB3 category had a more significant change for China, and a minor change for India. The EB categories that were current in December 2008 remain current for January 2009.

For EB2, this category remains current for all countries, with the exception of India and China. The cutoff date for India moved forward by one month, and is now July 1, 2003. China moved forward by slightly more than a month, to July 8, 2004.

For EB3, The cutoff date for the “worldwide” category, as well as the Philippines, did not change, but remains at May 1, 2005. The cutoff date for Mexico advanced slightly more than two months, to November 15, 2002. China saw more significant progress, and, for the month of January 2009, has a cutoff date of June 1, 2002. India jumped forward to an October 15, 2001 cutoff date. Under EB3, this category moved forward to March 15, 2003 for all countries. As you can see the demand for visas exceeds the supply, and the visa crisis continues.