Marriage based Adjustment of Status – New Medical Form Introduced!

As many of our Marriage Visa clients know, the Medical Examination is an important part of the case required documents. Once an applicant goes through the exam the doctor must sign and complete Form I-696. In the coming weeks, applicants should remember that the I-693 medical exam form is being updated and doctors must complete the new form for examinations taking place after May 1st. If a doctor signs the old form before May 1st, applicants can submit the old version. Applicants must make sure the doctor is aware of the change as some of them may not know about the changes to the forms. Using the wrong form after May 1, 2008 may result in the case being returned and significant delays caused.

I suggest applicants take a blank I-693 form with them to the exam to make sure the Doctor has the new forms in hand. Click here to download the new forms