Obama sits down with Latino Stars to discuss immigration Reform

We all agree he needs to do more for Immigration. Obama and his aides met for an hour in the White House Roosevelt Room with a dozen people, including actresses Eva Longoria and America Ferrera and several hosts of Hispanic news programs.

Attendees said the president reminded the group of his push to create a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who live in America but don’t have legal status, the majority of whom are Latino. He said that Democrats in Congress would continue to call for passage of the Dream Act, a provision that would make it easier for the children of illegal immigrants to gain legal status by serving in the U.S. military or graduating from college.

Obama did not promise to reduce the number of deportations of people who are in United States illegally, they said. Those deportations have increased under his administration.

Some guests said Obama has done little for immigration reform in the last two years compared with issues such as health care.

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