Obama’s choice for DHS chief could mean more H1B visas

According to ComputerWorld President-elect Barack Obama’s leading choice to be secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, has been a strong advocate of increasing H-1B visas — a stance that could turn out to be a major issue during her confirmation.

Napolitano was one of 12 governors who sent a letter in September 2007 to congressional leaders in both parties urging an increase in the visa cap. “Until we are able to address this workforce shortage, we must recognize that foreign talent has a role to play in our ability to keep companies located in our state and country; and therefore, need to ensure the increase availability of temporary H-1B visas and permanent residency visas (green cards),” the governors wrote.

We can only hope that the new administration will take a proactive step towards increasing the H1B cap, a much needed relief at this time.

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