Realistic reasons why the H-1B cap will be increased by 2010

According to computerWorld, President Barack Obama has signaled interest in taking up comprehensive immigration reform. And any push for immigration reform is almost certain to include an increase in the H-1B cap. Patrick the reporter outlined 5 reasons why the cap will be increased; Read the excellent article here

The main lesson to be learned from the H1B saga this year, is that the market worked and won. Given the large number of jobs lost in the U.S. economy, employers submitted far less petitions than they did last year. Contrary to what critics of the program maintain, the cost of employing an H-1B worker exceeds that of hiring a U.S. worker given attorneys’ fees and government filing fees.

Congress should stop trying to control the program, and return to a simple market-based system. The plain truth is that the overwhelming majority of U.S. employers comply with the law. Those that abuse the law should be stripped of their ability to petition for H-1B workers. So bottom line is that, if you are in need of good quality workers, you can still hire them on the H1B visa. But you need to hurry.