San Diego Asylum Lawyer: Immigration System Affected By Government Shutdown

Since the Government Shutdown announced, I keep getting calls about the impact on Immigration Matters. Clients on H1B visas working for the government want to know how this will affect their legal status; Applicants in removal proceedings are wondering when the next hearing date will be scheduled. The bottom line this is a real mess.

Most of the country’s immigration courts are either closed or working limited schedules because of the United States government’s shutdown. That means some immigration court decisions could be delayed for months.

If the shutdown goes on for days, it means some immigration cases could languish in the already backlogged system.

Another area of immigration affected is E-Verify. That’s the online system that allows employers to check the immigration status of a potential hire.

All except E-Verify. Meaning employers can’t enroll their companies and won’t be able to check someone’s eligibility.

And down on the border, U.S. Border Patrol agents are exempt from furlough. However their union representatives said agents must work, but they won’t be paid until the shutdown is over and a compromise is reached.

We will keep monitoring the situation and update our readers.