San Diego Deportation Lawyer – Border Patrol Detaining Travelers at San Diego International Airport

We wanted to be the first to report of an alarming trend that we just learned about last month. Over the past month we received calls from family members of detained individuals who were picked up coming into San Diego via domestic flights from NYC, Miami and Atlanta. Most of the individuals were here on expired visas, but with no criminal records. Until now, Immigration officials were not looking for individuals moving in the US on internal flights without a special reason.

We also learned from a TSA official, and from a Delta employee, that the government is acting on a tip connected to a drug enforcement operation from the above referenced destination. We feel that this may be also related to Immigration enforcement at the same time.

In the past, increased border vigilance in Arizona has caused a spike in human smuggling traffic moving through Los Angeles International Airport, but not through San Diego’s Lindbergh Field.

The Border Patrol has long had a presence at Lindbergh Field, and agents can sometimes be seen near security checkpoints and in other parts of the airport. The airport investigations will continue until further notice, we will keep our readers informed as new information becomes available.