San Diego Immigration Attorney – How to fix a missed Biometrics/Fingerprints Appointment

As you may know, USCIS requires photographs and fingerprints for certain applications, this process is called Biometrics. Until the Biometrics step is complete, an applicant can not proceed with the rest of the application, get his work permit or be scheduled for his Naturalization interview if it a Citizenship Application.

In many cases, applicants can not make it to the assigned fingerprints/biometrics date assigned by USCIS. Failure to show up can be detrimental to the case in hand, and can result in case termination.

A recent update from the San Diego AILA chapter may be useful to readers of this Blog and is applicable in all 50 states.

The first questions AILA asked the USCIS is:
If an applicant’s fingerprints expired, Would it be possible for client to go directly to the fingerprint facility, show that their prints are expired and have them re-taken there and then?

USCIS Answer:
No, the ASC [Application Support Center) staff does not re-take fingerprints for anyone
without an appointment notice (except military members. If an appointment is not
available in the scheduling system, a G-56 from the District will be accepted on any
expedite or special cases. [Previously, appointment notices were provided at the Infopass
Appointment when requesting re-scheduling. This is no longer possible as appointments
are not immediately re-schednled. If a client misses an appointment, he or she should go
to the ASC after 2 p.m. to see if they can be accommodated or the ASC will arrange for rescheduling.

The same is true if a client is unavailable on the date of the actual appointment and goes earlier. A case is not denied for at least 30 days after a missed appointment so there is time to arrange for re-fingerprinting without fear the case will be immediately denied.)
So bottom line, try to make your biometrics appointments. But if you still miss it, the case will not be closed immediately and the applicant will have 30 days to try to take the prints.