The Biggest Immigration Law Scheme….Ever!

What I really want to know is how could this happen in the first place, and more importantly, for such a long duration – 13 years.

Earl Seth David, also known as Rabbi Avraham David, applied for legal status for 25,000 illegal aliens based on phony claims that U.S. employers had sponsored those aliens for employment.

He operated the scheme out of his Manhattan law firm for 13 years, charging the aliens exorbitant fees of as much as $30,000, prosecutors said.

In exchange for his guilty plea earlier this week, David faces 61/2 to eight years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 15. He also agreed to forfeit $2.5 million in proceeds.

David ran the scam out of his Manhattan law office and had 26 co-conspirators who helped to create phony sponsors for thousands of illegal aliens, according to an indictment filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

“Earl David and his many cohorts corrupted the immigration process through a carefully orchestrated scheme that was stunning in its scope and audacity,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

“They allegedly reaped millions of dollars for filing tens of thousands of fraudulent applications.”
The mill allegedly charged clients fees of up to $30,000 and concocted sponsorship for them by making fake pay stubs, bogus tax returns and even phony “experience letters.”
These days the Immigration Service makes it very difficult for legitimate companies to hire workers with the pretext of preventing fraud. Maybe they should focus their efforts on nabbing criminals like Mr. Seth, David.