Tips for Obtaining TN Visa Approval for Multiple Employers


U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) recently released a NAFTA Reference Guide that is filled with useful information to assist TN visa applicants filing applications under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Specifically, the guide addresses the process for issuing TN visa approval for multiple employers.

To facilitate approval for multiple employers, CBP has advised that Canadian citizens;


  • Provide a letter of support signed by each employer on company letterhead;
  • For applicants who filed their applications at a land border: CBP will include all the approved TN employers on a single I-94 card. If additional I-94 cards are required, CBP will use the same I-94 number for each card;
  • Upon visa issuance, the TN applicant’s electronic I-94 system will be updated by CBP to reflect TN approval for all the employers;
  • For applicants who file their applications at a CBP airport office (where no paper-based I-94 form is issued): CBP will update its electronic I-94 system to reflect TN approval for all the employers.
  • Applicants who file applications for multiple employers at the same time only need to pay one filing fee—however, additional fees may be required for multiple I-94 records;
  • If an additional employer is added by the TN worker at a later date, then a second filing fee will apply.

To facilitate approval for multiple employers, CBP has advised that Mexican citizens:

  • Present their request for multiple employers, at the same time that they apply for the TN visa stamp at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate;
  • The TN visa stamp should contain the names of the approved employers;
  • Applicants with a valid TN visa stamp, can provide a letter of support on company letterhead at the U.S. border to request TN status for new employment, or to add a concurrent employer;
  • Applicants who have an approved I-129 petition, and valid TN visa stamp, may request new employment, or add a concurrent employer at the border.

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