Visa Bulletin August 2009: EB2 China / India Jumps to 01 Oct 2003

U.S. Department of State’s visa bulletin brought some relief for some EB-2 applicants. The cutoff date for India and China moved forward to October 1, 2003 which had recently retrogressed to January 1, 2000. No explanation was provided for the change to October 1, 2003.

Summary of August 2009’ visa bulletin:
EB-1: This category is current for all countries of chargeability.

EB-2: This category is current for all countries, except India and China. The cutoff date for both India and China moved forward by more than three years, to October 1, 2003. Shifts of this nature toward the end of the fiscal year, however, normally indicate an availability of immigrant visa numbers in other categories that could be shifted where they are needed; in this case to India and China.

EB-3: The EB-3 category remains completely unavailable for all countries, as all numbers have been used for the current fiscal year.

EB-4 & EB-5: Both will be current for all countries. However, the Visa Bulletin indicates that there is heavy demand in the EB-4 category.

We welcome the news mainly in respect of EB-2 category.