Visa Bulletin October 2013: F2A Category moves Back

So the Visa Bulletin was released yesterday. FB-2A is now listed at September 2013 and EB-2 China advanced to September 15, 2008. EB-2 India remained at June 15, 2008.

Overall the movement is very Slow, we recommend Green Card holders that are eligible to file for their Spouse and Children under 21, to do so before the End of September. Read more about the reason in this article we released last month.

Why is there as limit on Visa Numbers?

Congress sets limits on the number of immigrant visas that can be issued each year. In order to adjust status to that of legal permanent resident, an immigrant visa must be available to the applicant both at the time of filing and at the time of adjudication. The Department of State publishes a monthly Visa Bulletin which lists the cut-off dates that govern visa availability.

Therefore, the monthly Visa Bulletin determines which applicants are eligible to file for adjustment of status, as well as which applicants are eligible for a grant of permanent resident status. Applicants who have a priority date earlier than the cut-off date published in the most current Visa Bulletin are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

The cut-off dates on the Department of State Visa Bulletin are adjusted monthly and are posted on its website at This adjustment is determined by the Department of State after consideration of a number of variables such as:
-Number of visas used to that point
-Projected demand for visas
-Number of visas remaining under the annual numerical limit for that country and/or preference category.

We will update our readers with any new developments.