Worksite Enforcement Advisory on Document Fraud

According to ICE and other government enforcement agencies, a recurrent issue encountered in worksite enforcement investigations today is the abuse of the Social Security card by individuals seeking to satisfy the work authorization requirements mandated by federal law. The Social Security card has long been a favorite of fraudulent document vendors.

The advisory issued by ICE is alerting employers to beware of a new trend in false documents presented by unauthorized foreign workers. ICE describes a commonly found ‘three pack’ that includes a false Social Security card, state driver’s license or identity card, and a work authorization document (or EAD card). Typically, an unauthorized worker also assumes the identity of a foreign national who is authorized to work, using that individual’s documents with a photograph fraudulently added.

Employers can no longer hide behind claims that they did not know of unauthorized workers, if it can be shown that the employer should have known about a violation. Employers should be aware of their responsibilities and rights under the law.

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