August Visa Bulletin brings to life July Visa Bulletin

News of a resolution to Visa Bulletin mess has been floating since last week. However, no press release has yet been issued by USCIS. That is until a few hours ago….

So this is what happened today. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) issued the August 2007 Visa Bulletin late in the afternoon of July 17, 2007, showing “unavailability” in all the employment-based (EB) categories. The DOS also confirmed that they are withdrawing the July 2, 2007 revised Visa Bulletin, so that the original July 2007 Visa Bulletin stands. This means that any employment-based applicants and their family members must file the I-485 under the July 2007 Visa Bulletin, since there are no more visa numbers in the EB category available from August 1st onwards, for the rest of this fiscal year until at least Sep 30, 2007.

They also issues a press release allowing I-485 applicants at least 31 days (until August 17, 2007) to file their EB cases under the July 2007 Visa Bulletin.

Read the release here…

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds. If you are eleigible to file for your adjustment get ready to do so now.