Department of Labor Statistics on the H1B Visa 2012 – Top 10 Occupations that Filed Work Visas

So the H1B season is over, faster than expected. But what occupations were the most popular this H1B season, how many Computers Programmers, Engineers, Consultants, etc were filed this past few months? The Labor Department provided statistics as to the number of Labor Condition Applications (LCA) filed this season.

LCA stands for Labor Condition Application. Before an employer may file an H1B petition, the employer must first file an LCA with the Department of Labor. In filing an LCA, the employer attests to a number of conditions that must be followed during the term of the LCA. An employer may withdraw and LCA if the employer revokes the H1B petition. If an employer fails to adhere to the representations made, the DOL may bring an action to compel back pay and fines.

72,604 Programmer Analysts H1B LCA’s were filed, the top occupation. New Jersey is the leading state in filing Visas. California is second. Read more below: