DREAM ACT – We really need this to pass!

The Dream Act is a bill that has been introduced several times in the United States Congress that would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrant students.

ILW.com the leading immigration online news source reported the following, and you can see why we need this act to pass ASAP.

The “Save Juan” campaign, http://actonadream.net/

founded by high school kids in an attempt to save their
classmate Juan Gomez and his brother from removal proceedings has
resulted in extensive media coverage, including the recent Time
news story headline which asks, “Can Two Kids Alter Immigration Law?”.


Juan Gomez puts a human face on the plight of nearly a million
similarly situated high school students undocumented through the
actions of their parents. Perhaps, come fall, the bi-partisan
DREAM Act legislation sponsored by Sen. Durbin will be enacted,
allowing these individuals to fully realize their potential and
contribute to the US economy.