DV Green Card Lottery – How Immigration Handles Diversity Visa Form I-485s for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident

Recent procedures obtained from USCIS for identifying and handling Diversity Visa (“DV,” also known as “lottery”) Form I-485s. These procedures are designed to increase the likelihood that these applications will be adjudicated by the September 30 deadline.

The National Benefits role is very limited. Each Form I-485 is reviewed at the Lockbox against an initial evidence review checklist. Once a Form I-485 is identified as a DV application, which usually occurs at the Lockbox, but if not, should be identified promptly at NBC by reviewing the checklist, NBC stops processing the Form I-485 and sends it to the Field Office with jurisdiction over the applicant.

The ASC appointment notice for biometrics will still be generated as part of the NBC process. The Field Office has to manually schedule an interview for the DV applicant. This should result in faster processing, and avoid any delays. As you may know, applicants must complete the process by September 30 of the year they are selected for the DV. Otherwise, the visa will be lost.