E2 Visa For Israeli Nationals – When can Israeli Investors start Applying for the Visa?

Since President Obama signed the E2 Investor Visa Bill with Israel, we get a lot of questions from prospective applicants as to when can they start applying for the Visa.

The most updated information on this subject was provided at the American Immigration Lawyers Association National Conference in Nashville, TN, that I attended as well. The information was presented at the Department of State open Forum by Mr. David S. Newman, Director, Office of Legal Affairs, Visa Services based in Washington DC. Mr. Newman stated that reciprocity must be established at this time between Israel and United States before the Visa filing can take effect.


The implementation of the Investor Visa with Israel will not be effective until the terms and conditions of the final agreement are determined between the two countries, issues of binding commitment from Israel on all terms of the agreement.

We asked Mr. Newman how long does this process usually takes, and he stated that it varies from country to country. Some countries make take longer to ratify and commit to all the terms. But it will eventually happen of course. This is a formal process that must be completed. We hope that this is something that will take a few months or less.

We promise to update our readers as new information becomes available.

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