Employers can hire foreign workers again as visa backlog ends

US employers can hire foreign workers again thanks to an important and most likely limited opportunity, as we reported in previous posts about the visa retrogression.

Employment based visa numbers are “current” as of July 2007. This means that backlogs which have prevented employers from hiring foreign workers are clear for at least one month or less. Employers who act quickly can obtain work authorization for foreign workers. I assume that because of this opportunity employers and their attorneys around the nation will be seeking to obtain immigration benefits for workers in many occupations, from high tech, Hospitality to health care.

Each month, the U.S. State Department indicates how far employment based visa petitions are backlogged. Depending on occupation and country of origin of the foreign worker, the backlogs can be years. It indicated that July employment based visa numbers were current on Wednesday, June 13. The unexpected removal of the backlogs is welcome news for employers and foreign employees.

Nevertheless, I feel that the backlog will return soon. Maybe as early as August, one can only speculate. Bottom line if you are eligible to file your adjustment, file in early July or you will miss the opportunity forever.