For our Veterans – Expedited Naturalization For War Veterans

Today is Veterans day, and I wanted to send warm wards of support to our Veterans and the active duty men and women fighting for our country day and night.

As it relates to immigration, On July 3, 2002, President George W. Bush signed an Executive Order allowing certain noncitizens to become Naturalized citizens of the United States if they served an in an active-duty status during the war on terrorism. (See Expedited Naturalization of Aliens & Noncitizen Nationals Serving in an Active-Duty Status During the War on Terrorism, 67 Fed. Reg. 45287 (7/8/02), Executive Order (President). Download file

Additionally,as a Gulf War veteran, one may be eligible for expedited Naturalization under Immigration and Nationality Act section 329, Naturalization through Active-Duty Service in the Armed Forces during World War I, World War II, Korean Hostilities, Vietnam Hostilities, or in other Periods of Military Hostilities. For example, if one performed active duty military service during the Persian Gulf (August 2, 1990 – April 11, 1991) or on or after September 11, 2001, one may be eligible for expedited Naturalization.

Even though one is a lawful permanent resident, an individual who meets the Active-Duty Service criteria does not have to be a permanent resident to apply for Naturalization. Note that if one did not enlist or re-enlist in the United States or its outlying possession, you must be a Permanent Resident of the United States on the day you file your Naturalization application. Furthermore, Naturalization Applicants do not need to meet certain requirements that all other Applicants must meet such as the continuously residence requirement. Since the burden of proving the eligibility falls on the applicant, one must be prepared to submit the original DD214 to the CIS when asked to do so at the interview. Send a copy of it to the USCIS together with the N-400 and other documents required in the Naturalization instructions.

We wish you a happy and safe Veterans Day!