Green Card Lottery – DOS Revises Diversity Visa Application Photo Requirements

Much has been said about the DV Green Card lottery program, some even said that the program will be terminated all together. But for now the DHS issued a revision of the photo specification rule.

This rule revises the photo requirement as part of the application process for a Diversity Immigrant Visa, to require that the photo be in color. Color photographs enhance facial recognition and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

In the past, photographs submitted at the time of electronically filing petitions for consideration under INA 203(c) for issuance of diversity immigrant visas could be in either color or black and white. As part of the general harmonization of photo requirements for all visa functions, this requirement is being amended to make color photos the only acceptable photographs for a petition for consideration for diversity visa issuance. Compared to black and white, color photographs enhance the facial recognition process and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

Read the Fed rules here Download file