Highlights of 2008 PERM Certifications

Department of Labor released very interesting statistics about PERM cases filed during 2008. Here are some highlights:
Approximately 49,205 cases were certified during the first quarter of FY 2008; 63% of foreign workers on H-lB visas. The top 5 states of intended employment for these permanent labor certifications were California (11,835), New York (5,049), New Jersey (4,503), Texas (3,816), and Florida (2,709);
Alien beneficiaries representing 179 different countries were certified for permanent employment in the u.s. The top 10 countries of citizenship of alien beneficiaries included India (16,569), Mexico (3,444), China (3,328), South Korea (3,119), Philippines (2,995), Canada (2,539), United Kingdom (913), Pakistan (887), Taiwan (821), and Ecuador (811); and
Top job titles certified for permanent employment included Computer Software Engineers (8,861), Computer Systems Analysts (3,173), Computer and Information System Managers (648), Restaurant Cooks (1,120), Electronics Engineers (1,047), Market Research Analysts (970), Computer Programmers (902), Financial Analysts (707), Mechanical Engineers (702), Chefs and Head Cooks (700), and Electrical Engineers (651).

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