Immigration Law – Radio Talk interview with Jacob Sapochnick

I was interviewed on May 7, 2007 for 1170 KCBQ Radio regarding our client’s heart breaking story and the up coming Immigration debate. I shared my opinion on why waivers are required for immigrants that enter the US illegally and later marry US citizens. We also discussed potential immigration reform. The radio show host, Rick Amato who interviewed me was not supportive of the bill but we had a polite and interesting debate.

Most people assume that they can just get married and everything will be fine, that is not the reality. If a person enters illegally and is not a beneficiary of section 245i, they must retrun to their home country and apply for a waiver. The waiver is based on harship the the US citizen spouse. Extreme hardship is very diffcult to prove and so clients are facing the tough dillema, obey the law and leave the country or stay in the shadows illegally. A tough choice to make, don’t you think so.