Immigration Reform is not Dead!

As you may know, the Senate failed to invoke cloture last night. After two weeks of dedicated time for debate on the Senate floor (and many months of negotiations), the body could not reach agreement on the bill.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association have been reassured by leaders of both parties and the White House that the immigration bill is not dead. However, a timeline for action is unclear. We all must continue our efforts and urge Congress to do the right thing and to pass a workable and comprehensive bill before the end of the year.

Please, continue contacting your Senators and remind them that the status quo is completely untenable. If our immigration laws are not changed, people will continue to die in the desert in greater numbers, families will be torn asunder, workplace raids will continue, backlogs will grow, innovation will be stifled, the proliferation of piecemeal state and local ordinances will continue, and immigrant communities will be faced with a literal state of siege.

US Immigration law must be amended and a Comprehensive reform must pass as soon as possible. If not the future may be darker than we can ever imagine.