Globalization V. US Immigration

After almost two weeks touring Europe it is time to go home. I will be taking the early flight from Lyon France, Via London to Los Angeles. During the past few weeks, the Senate debated some of the most important immigration issues in recent US history. While no decisions have been reached, the debate is far from being over.

I can tell you that Europe is facing the same conflicts as the US. The European comission is considering proposals for a crackdown on the large number of illegal immigrants, even as it looks for new ways to admit legally the workers need for hospitality, healthcare, construction,etc. Meanwhile Europe has gotten a substantial boost from the immigrants from the European countries that joined the EC in May 2004.

Looking at the European experience, immigration seems likely to increase rather than decrease in the future. The US must learn from other countries and pass an immigration bill that will change the future of this country for the better. Making the US the number one country to immigrate.

Let me know what you think, and see you soon back home.