July 2009 Visa Bulletin – China Retrogress

The July 2009 Visa Bulletin was released. As we anticipated, the only change is the EB-2 China category which changed and retrogressed 5 years. All other categories remain unchanged. Here is a summary of the July 2009 Visa Bulletin:
* EB-1 remains current across the board.

* EB-2 remains unchanged for all categories except as noted above for EB-2 China: EB-2 (Rest of World) is current, EB-2 China and EB-2 India are January 1, 2000.

* EB-3 is unavailable for all categories.

* Other worker visa numbers are also unavailable.

In one of the comments to the July 2009 Visa Bulletin, the State Department notes that the retrogression of EB-2 China has been necessary to take into account the high demand of visa issuances so far this fiscal year. As a result, visa availability during the final quarter of the fiscal year is likely to remain very limited as some employment-based categories approach or have already reached their annual numerical limits.