March 2009 Visa Bulletin: EB2 slowly but surley!

Nothing exciting about the March Visa Bulletin. The EB2 cutoff dates for India and China continued to move forward. There is also some forward movement in EB3 for China and Mexico.

EB2 category remains current for all countries except for India and China, which show forward movement again, with cutoff dates moving by approximately 1.5 months for both countries. The cutoff date for India moved to February 15, 2004. China has a cutoff date of February 15, 2005.

EB3 no changes in the cutoff dates, other than for China and Mexico. The cutoff date for “all chargeability areas except those listed” remains at May 1, 2005; the Philippines has the same cutoff date. India also remains unchanged, backlogged at October 15, 2001. The cutoff date for Mexico has advanced by over four months, to August 15, 2003.

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