Medical B2 Visas- Help is on the way for Youssif!

Who doesn’t know 5-year-old Youssif by now?, an Iraqi boy who had gone out to play on a January day when he was suddenly grabbed by masked men, doused in gas and set on fire. As a father to a young boy myself I became outraged and very upset after reading the international reports on the story.

The good news is that several aid organizations quickly offered their services to help this boy and the family. It seems that the family had to make a decision on whether to leave their homeland or stay inside Iraq for treatment. If they chose to leave, could they get visas to travel to the United States or leave Iraq safely? In such cases Medical B2 visas could be the fastest way to secure entry to the US. The emergency situation is clear and evidenced by the worldwide reaction. The only questions is if the family can overcome section 214(b) and show the Consul they have every intention to return to Iraq. I hope that with the aid organizations’ support that will not be an issue.

CNN reports that The Children’s Burns foundation says it will cover all medical costs — from surgeries for Youssif to housing costs to any social rehabilitation that might be needed for him. Surgeries will be performed by Dr. Peter Grossman, a plastic surgeon with the affiliated-Grossman Burn Center who is donating his services for Youssif’s cause.

Officials are still trying to get the appropriate visas for his travels. Youssif could be in the United States for up to a year for the various treatments he needs. B2 visa for medical reasons should cover that amount of time.

Like many others donating their services for this cause, our law firm is offering legal support to Youssif and his family in assisting them to enter the US quickly. Our hearts go out to this family and we hope things will get better, bringing back the smile to Little Youssif’s face.