Nurse Green Cards – Letter from the AHA in support of Emergency Nurse Supply Relief Act

The nation’s severe nursing shortage, now in its ninth year, challenges hospitals’ ability
to operate at full capacity to care for their communities. The American Hospital Association (AHA) issued a statement in support of the Emergency Nurse Supply Relief Act. If this Bill will pass thousands of Nurses will be able to enter the US and join hospitals, desperate for skilled nursing professionals.

The letter states: The long-term solution to our nursing shortage requires a substantial expansion of ourdomestic supply through a considerable increase in nursing school capacity and completion rates. Meanwhile, immigrant nurses are needed in substantial numbers to fill
the gap by joining our existing corps of trained, competent nurses.

Current visa caps have reduced the number of immigrant nurses over the past several
years. Your bill will help address our current domestic shortage by providing an
exemption from current employment-based visa caps for nurses. It also helps address
domestic supply by establishing a program to help prepare more nurse educators.

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