PERM – DOL Publishes New Federal Prevailing Wage Determination Request Procedures Effective TODAY

DOL announced late last year about the changes to the Prevailing Wage Determination procedures, these changes became effective today. So what cases are affected? As described in the Department’s December 4, 2009 Federal Register Notice, the National Prevailing Wage and Help desk Center (NPWHC) will process Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) requests for H­1B, H­1B1(Chile/Singapore), H­1C (if reauthorized by Congress), H­2B, E­3 (Australia) programs, and the permanent labor certification program (PERM).

Now employers will need to plan at least 60 days in advance when filing any of the above referenced applications, we anticipate serious delays in the early stages of this program. Especially since only hard copy mail ins are accepted at this time.

Click here for the DOL complete rule.